Welcome Evening Schedule of Events:

Welcome Dinner – Tapas & Wine at the Parador de Granada at 7:00 pm

Night Tour of the Alhambra – Nasrid Palace at 9:30 pm

Our festivities will begin with heavy Andalusian tapas & Spanish wine at the acclaimed Parador de Granada. It is to be followed by a majestic night tour of the Alhambra – one of the most famous & historic palaces in the world.

Tapas Dinner at El Parador de Granada…800px-Parador_Alhambra_Granada_Spain

On the terrace of the Parador de Granada, you will enjoy this spectacular views of the Generalife Gardens of the Alhambra, while savoring fine wine and an extensive assortment of amazing Andalusian Tapas!

Many famous visitors celebrate at the Parador, from European and African foreign ministers to First Lady, Michelle Obama. Why? Because the panorama provides a perfect viewpoint overlooking the archaeological remains of the Turkish bath of the Nasrid palace, and from the terrace, you will enjoy the scenic view of the Sacromonte and Albaicín neighborhoods.

For a wonderful write-up on the Granada and its Parador, click here.

Night Tour of The Alhambra Palace…

Alhambra - Court of the LionsTapas will be followed by an evening tour of the Nasrid Palace of the Alhambra. The Alhambra Palace is a short walk, downhill, away from the Parador. For those who need assistance with this walk, we can call a cab for you.

Many great and distinguished poets and musicians, mystics and heretics, Christians and Moors, politicians, and historians have sung, visited, or recounted the thousand stories of the Alhambra.

It is difficult to know whether it is the Alhambra that is in Granada or if Granada is in fact the Alhambra.

What to expect to see – the highlights of the Nasrid Palace include:

  • Casa Real: This is the name given to the collection of Nasrid palaces and subsequent Christian additions. There are beautiful views of the Albaicín from the Mexuar Palace. Of special note in the Comares Palace are the Alberca Court or Court of the Myrtle Trees (de los Arrayanes) and the huge Comares Tower. At 45 meters, it is the largest in the Alhambra.
  • The Palace of the Lions: Built by Mohamed V, where Granada- Arab art saw its greatest splendor. The palace centers around the courtyard with its twelve lions supporting the central fountain. On either side of the courtyard are two halls: Abencerrages and Two Sisters (Dos Hermanas).PortEsp2292-500x333
  • The Kings’ Chamber:  Located at the far end of the courtyard. A group of six rooms was built to accommodate Carlos V while he built a new palace, although he never actually stayed here. Four of them are known as Washington Irving’s Rooms because the author stayed in them when in Granada in 1892.PortEsp2287-500x333
  • The Partal Gardens: Arab poets refer to them as the “gardens of the Alhambra with the Lady Tower” (de las Damas).
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